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In research, documentation (audio, textual and visual), cataloging, branding and identity design, space and experience design, museum management, exhibition design, mass and social media strategy, and storytelling!

We welcome volunteers with varied backgrounds such as students and professional researchers, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, designers, museum studies (management and preservation), film makers, photographers, and even wanderers.

Volunteer/Internship Program

Due to the overwhelming amount of work and our lack of specific professional skills required to manage the museum, we have started a volunteer program for students and professionals who are interested in working with us. Although the there are myriad projects that one could take up, we have specified the nature of the work that is available with us in order to create a more clear and time bound picture of the internship programme. Below are some of the immediate projects that we would like to take up with volunteers:

Interested people are welcome to contact us over the phone or via email. Please send us a brief of your background, skills/resume/portfolio and the project you are interested to work on.

What to Expect?

Once you are here, we will provide you a modest accommodation (you might have to share a room with another volunteer), WiFi internet facility, kitchen (cook your own food). The accommodation is equipped with bare basic necessities. You might be able to get your hands on a local sim card (on first come first serve basis). But you can use our landline phone to make or receive phone calls. Only BSNL has the cellular network coverage in Kargil and no other network providers work here expect BSNL postpaid connection.

Kargil being a remote area we suggest you to keep your expectations low with regards to sources of entertainment. So be sure to stock up your hard drive with movies if you are a movie buff, else bring your favorite books along. We also have a small library if you like to read about Central Asian trade and its stories. Moreover, if you are interested in exploring the mountains, we are happy to organize weekend treks and getaways for you. Over the years our volunteers have created a vast resource for exciting short and long trekking routes around the area that are perfect for experiencing the great outdoors and even for some soul searching in the mighty Himalayas. With many volunteers from varied backgrounds visit us every year, you are sure to meet and get inspired by people who are doing interesting and often weirdly exciting things in life. The best time to visit is from May to October.

In terms of monetary incentives, we either take care of your travel expenses or provide a minimal monthly stipend depending what the volunteer is interested to avail.

Open for Research

With a keen sense of appreciation for the significance of these artifacts, we have been managing this museum and its artifacts solely as care takers. Even though we have done a minimal bit of research required in order to put the museum together, we are definitely not the complete authority on its historical significance. Every year we have scholars and researchers visiting from India and abroad to explore the many exiting research opportunities at the museum.

We constantly establish tie-ups and collaborations with literary, arts and history institutions through presenting papers and proposals inviting students, scholars and researchers to carry out research on the hundreds of Central Asian and silk route artifacts, manuscripts and mercantile items that require in-depth study.

If you are some who is studying Central Asian history from any perspective be it sociology, culture, anthropology, literature, linguistics studies and so on, we have a great pool of unexplored avenues that could be of great interest to you. If you like to take up a research with us, we are always open!

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