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I47/ Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum,

Munshi Enclave, Lakore,

Kargil – 194193,

Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir), India

The museum is located at our residence overlooking the Kargil town. Tiled steps lead up from a winding road to the hilltop Museum, offering breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains and the swift-flowing snow-fed Suru river which winds through the town. The Museum displays the collection of Silk Route artifacts of the family of Munshi Aziz Bhat, to whom the museum is dedicated. This unique family collection is being enriched by donations of artifacts from descendants of other Silk Route trader families living in the town and its environs.

How to get to the Museum?

Kargil is equidistant from the Srinagar, Zanskar, Leh and Baltistan (Pakistan), at proximity of 200-240 kms. The museum is situated in the hills of Kargil with a breathtaking view from its location. Ways to get to the museum:

  • From Srinagar– The picturesque scenery can be enjoyed on a road trip from Srinagar to Kargil, with a minimum fare in a tourist cab or bus that runs during the summer season.
  • From Leh– The dry deserts are worth admiring on the way to Kargil through Leh. Tourist cabs and buses are available throughout the season for a negotiable fare.

Entry Fee

While we are not a for-profit organization, we charge a nominal fee of Rs 50/- for adults and Rs 30/- for children. The proceeds go into the maintenance and security of the set up.